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Social media for the game industry—A review of Hillcrest’s most client-engaging Facebook posts

Headshot - ClaireAbout the author: A science-graduate from Stellenbosch University, in her capacity as social media manager at Content Strategics (Pty) Ltd, Claire Baillie-Stewart writes for and publishes content for Hillcrest Game Estates. Claire also manages uniquely authored and curated social media content that is published by Content Strategics, on behalf of Hillcrest.

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Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for business. Not only does it provide a space where game and wildlife businesses can advertise and promote their services, but it also offers an online space where game and wildlife farmers are able to interact and engage with their clients and followers.

Client engagement is key

At Hillcrest Game Estates, client engagement is one of the most important aspects of our social media strategy. At Hillcrest we strive to provide our followers with content that they find meaningful and insightful. This is achieved by publishing curated news content that offers insights into the wildlife and game industry. We also publish content related to the daily operations taking place at the Hillcrest farm. Lastly, content featured in the quarterly Hillcrest Game Estates newsletter is published on social media too. This facilitates maximum exposure being given to the newsletter’s circulation amongst various audiences.

Client engagement statistics
At Hillcrest Game Estates, client engagement is one of the most important aspects of our social media strategy. Seen here, for the period 2017-2018, strong instances of social media client engagement has topped the 5000 mark with more than 700 unique clicks made by Hillcrest’s social media visitors. This is exceptional for a game-industry social media account.

2018 A good social media year for Hillcrest

2018 has been a successful social media year for Hillcrest Game Estates. For example, this year Hillcrets’ Facebook followers have increased by a staggering 151.7% which is excellent for client engagement performance.

Facebook - Likes analysis
Seen here, an analysis of Hillcrest’s audience likes and growth for 2018. This is very good for a new entrant social media client in the game-industry sector.

As we approach the 2019 New Year, we would like to continue growing our fan base, as well as improving our overall follower engagement—particularly on Facebook and Instagram, our main social media platforms at present.

Facebook audience engagement
Seen here, an annual statistic indicating the exceptional audience engagement on HIllcrest’s Facebook social media posts. This is very good for a new entrant social media client in the game-industry sector.

Social media success is measured in different ways. However, at Hillcrest it is measured by the level of client engagement. This includes liking, commenting and the sharing of posts.

Top 2018 social media posts all about day-to-day happenings

With this in mind, Hillcrest’s top three social media posts for 2018 were all related to the day-to-day happenings at the farm. This included posts about Hillcrest’s involvement with Diphetogo Crèche, which remains an integral part of Hillcrest’s overall corporate social investment (CSI) strategy.

Article on social media by Claire

It also includes a series of posts on water-wise management at Hillcrest.

Article on social media by Claire

Lastly, posts that provided insight on how the game animals are cared for during the capturing process, received excellent client engagement statistics.

Article on social media by Claire

This data is important as it gives Hillcrest’s social media manager extensive insight into the type of content that our followers engage with enjoy the most.

Hillcrest’s social media platforms good for cross-posting with collaborative partners


During 2018, Hillcrest Game Estates established an exciting new collaborative partnership with WildlifeCampus. This unique collaborative partnership is aimed at advancing teaching and practical knowledge acquisition about South Africa’s wildlife- and game-farming heritage. In this regard, social media has proved to be a great platform for informing both clients and followers about the interactions between Hillcrest and Wildlife Campus.

If you happen to be a Facebook user, why not visit the WildlifeCampus Facebook Page by clicking here (or by clicking anywhere on the screenshot below).

WildlifeCampus Facebook Page
Seen here, a screenshot of the WildlifeCampus Facebook Page

Cape Wildlife Group

Another exciting venture for Hillcrest this year, has been the formation of the brand-new Cape Wildlife Group (CWG), of which Hillcrest is a proud member. The Cape Wildlife Group comprises wildlife and game farmers, as well as owners of private wildlife reserves—all members are fully dedicated to the conservation of South Africa’s wildlife. We encourage our followers to have a look at Cape Wildlife Group’s Facebook Page by clicking here (or by clicking anywhere on the screenshot below).

Cape Wildlife Group Facebook Page
Seen here, a screenshot of the Cape Wildlife Group Facebook Page

Year-end closing remarks

From the Content Strategics social media team, we would like to thank Hillcrest Game Estates’ social media audience: i.e. its clients, fans and followers for all their support and loyalty throughout 2018. Hillcrest Game Estates would not be all that it is without all its loyal social media audiences.

We look forward to what 2019 has in store!

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