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Cape Wildlife Group launched — What’s coming in 2019

Caption: Guest speaker, Honourable Minister Anton Bredell with Cape Wildlife Group Chairman, Johan Meyer. — Photo credit: Cape Wildlife Group / Wild & Jag Magazine.

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Headshot Johan MeyerAbout the author: Johan Meyer is the Chairman of Cape Wildlife Group. The group consists of 12 members who farm all around the Western Cape. Johan’s farm, Groot Sleutelfontein Private Game Reserve, is situated in the beautiful Karoo.

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On 19th October at Watervliet in Stellenbosch, the newly established Cape Wildlife Group (CWG) held its official launch. Guest speakers from the game industry welcomed this new initiative with open arms. The Honourable Minister Anton Bredell, Minister of Local Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning extended his congratulations to all in attendance. Bredell said the game industry has huge potential owing to its sizeable economy.

Special guests in attendance: WRSA’s Adri Kitshoff-Botha & Wiaan van der Linde and Kwandwe’s Angus Sholto-Douglas

Representing Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA), Adri Kitshoff-Botha reinforced the WSRA’s mandate to address—in part—the needs of game farmers in the Western Cape. This, said Kitshoff-Botha will be done through constructive engagement with government and other sectors of the South African economy.

Speaking in a recent interview with Wild & Jag TV, Kwandwe’s Angus Sholto-Douglas maintains that the health of the wildlife industry is dictated to by game sales.[1] Sholto-Douglas’ sentiment concurs with the Cape Wildlife Group’s 4 pillars; namely, hunting, eco-tourism, game-breeding and game meat/venison.

The WRSA’s vice-president, Wiaan van der Linde, said that the collective strength of the 12 members of the Cape Wildlife Group lends itself well to leveraging these 4 pillars in such a way that players in the game industry can again “sell South Africa as the destination of choice” on the international tourism stage. What’s more, the individuality of each participating member is not lost either. Rather, individuality of the individual game farmer is retained—this is a true positive because it fosters positive growth of the broader South African game industry at large.

Primary aim and collaborating partners of the Cape Wildlife Group

When it comes to leveraging benefits for its members, The Cape Wildlife Group’s aim is to include everyone by excluding nobody. The Cape Wildlife Groups March 2019 auction promises to be a real game-changer that will positively impact the game industry in the Western Cape.

What to expect at next year’s 16 March CWG auction?

The auction will take place at Watervliet situated in the Jonkershoek Valley in Stellenbosch. There will be 100 lots on live auction and 80 lots on the timed auction. The following assortment of game will be on auction: Buffalo, Bontebok, Quagga, Springbuck, Sable, Roan, Blue Wildebeest, Golden Wildebeest, Eland, Zebra, Giraffe, Oryx, Golden Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Impala and Waterbuck. Pre-viewing can be done by arrangement with individual members on their respective farms. For more details on how to contact CWG members, visit the members’ page by clicking here.

Further details about the forthcoming Cape Wildlife Group’s auction will be published on the Wildswinkel 2019 auction page or the Cape Wildlife Group website, as well as on the Wildswinkel app and printed catalogue. For more information simply contact the Cape Wildlife Group here.

Lastly, for readers who may be interested, I invite you to watch an informative overview of Cape Wildlife Group’s launch event: Click here to view this episode of Wild & Jag Magazine’s Wild&Wonnerlik.

Closing season’s greetings

Although we are all extremely busy this time of the year, it gives me great pleasure to send out this short Christmas message to my fellow game farmers. If you read the newspapers and listen to what is going on around us, you realize how God continues to hold his protective hand over us. His grace is too big for me to understand.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season. Travel safely, rest enough, laugh a lot, spend time with your loved ones and think about the gift of eternal life, which is ultimately what Christmas is all about. I look forward to taking on the New Year with you in 2019.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!



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Headshot Johan Meyer

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