Hillcrest Game Estates welcomes Denga!

The Hillcrest Game Estates team is PROUD EXCITED THRILLED

to be introducing its new roan bull


We extend special thanks to Stud Game Breeders and Nyumbu Wildlife (Norman Adami).

Denga's Stats

Denga has a horn length of 31″ @ 3 years and 9 months with a 16″ tip to tip. He is the son of 31″+ Tswalu and a 25″+ dam. He is a large bodied bull with special genetics and is one of the very best performing bulls for his age in the industry.

Read what 4th generation family owner, John Firth, has to say about Denga and the 2019 Stud Game Breeders Auction.

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Hillcrest Game Estates welcomes Denga

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