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Cape Wildlife Group Launching Soon—Interview with André Meyer from Gamka Wildlife

Launching soon: Announcing something exciting and new on the wildlife-industry horizon…

A new collaborative business venture between some of the Western Cape’s most well-known and established game breeders (ed. Hillcrest Game Estates being one of them too) is on the horizon.

Gamka Wildlife Breeders

During a recent interview with André Meyer, owner of Gamka Wilidlife and one of the principle founding members of the newly established Cape Wildlife Group, this is what André had to say in anticipation of the official launch coming soon:

Question Mark Blue SquareSo, to be known as the Cape Wildlife Group, what is this new collaborative venture going to be all about?

What gave rise to the establishment of the Cape Wildlife Group?

During 2017, as a group of wildlife breeders, we traded our game at successful auctions, even though it was under the banner of a relatively well-known South African auction group. However, 2017’s auction yields were preceded by a noticeable drop (near the end of 2016) in the prices of wildlife . For this reason, we took the strategic decision to establish our own brand because we believe that we can make a greater impact upon the market when targeting a significantly broader spectrum of the wildlife industry—far broader than when concentrating merely on the breeder alone. Moreover, the establishment of our own brand now allows our collective of game breeders to exploit additional opportunities that are unique to the Western Cape region.

What is the primary purpose of the Cape Wildlife Group and how will this benefit the game industry (and game buyers’ market)?

Firstly, our purpose would be to stimulate and explore opportunities offered by the Western Cape, which are unique in South Africa. Secondly the word “Group” in our name its indicative of us aiming to target a broader market in the wildlife industry. Similar groups would typically only target wildlife stud breeders, whereas our group have 3 distinct pillars: namely,

  1. Breeding for both the stud and commercial markets,
  2. Hunting for both the international and local markets, and
  3. Eco-tourism.

When can we expect to see the Cape Wildlife Group go fully operational?

Our launch is scheduled for the 19th Oct in Stellenbosch. It promises to be an enjoyable evening event with guest speakers, an auction of a few hunting packages plus, the launch of our Group.


So, now that you’ve received the preliminary facts, be sure to watch this space: The (next) Spring edition of the Hillcrest Game Estates newsletter promises to bring you a full-length feature article containing all the details about this exciting new venture.
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