breeding objectives

  • Horn lengths of both Bulls & Cows
  • Premium horn spreads
  • Thick, strong horns – specifically at the base
  • True-to-type Face Marks & Colours
  • Big, Strong Bodies
  • Adaptability to the harsh North West climate, as well as the very different Boland environment
  • Select cows stringently on inter-calf period for fertility
  • Genetic diversity
  • Scrotal circumference in males
  • Age to first calving in females, as well as weaning weight of calves
  • Disease resistance

Matetsi Sable breeding herd

Our beautiful Matetsi bull, Boland, is 6 years and 5 months old. His horns measure at 52″ with a spread of 35″. He is the son of Tom Brown (49″)

Hillcrest games estates Matetsi Sable

Zambian Sable breeding herd

During December 2017 the sable bull Einstein arrived at Hillcrest Game Estates. This prized sable bull measures a spectacular 50 2/8” at 5 years, 7 months.  Currently he measure at 51 1/8″ .

Einstein has a three generation DNA-verified pedigree of superior ancestors. Performance evaluation proves that Einstein has not only inherited outstanding horn growth genes, but has a concentration of these genes. This ensures the high scientific probability that Einstein will without doubt be passing on his gene-superiority to his progeny.

With his superior horn length and wide tip to tip measurement of 24 4/8”, our genetic team of advisors believe that Einstein is certain to produce progeny that adequately meets our high breeding standards and objectives.

Einstein is the culmination of three extraordinary bloodlines:

  • Njala – Einstein’s sire produced Maximus 51”+; Wiele 50”+; Katavi 48”+
  • Nike – Einstein’s paternal grandsire produced, Njala 47 ½” (used by Romaco until he died in 2015); Dinaka 48”+ (Shelanti & Dinaka); Incredabull 50” (Louma); Monster 49” (used by Lumarieuntil he died in 2017); Palanka 47” (Phala-Phala Wildlife)
  • Koning – Einstein’s maternal grandsire produced Alpha 50”+; Romaco 49”

To enhance the Zambian Sable facial markings, we have invested in three young bulls from Dries Visser. We look forward to outstanding results from these outstanding bulls

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