breeding objectives

  • Horn lengths of both Bulls & Cows
  • Premium horn spreads
  • True-to-type Face Masks & Colours
  • Big, Strong Bodies
  • Adaptability to the harsh North West climate
  • We select cows stringently on inter-calf period
  • Genetic diversity
  • Scrotal circumference in males
  • Age to first calving in females

Golden Oryx (Gemsbok) Breeding Herd

Our young breeding bull Goldie, has exceptional genetics. This certainly augers well for the future of this herd. Goldie’s mother has 45” horns. All the base females currently being covered by Goldie are +40” cows

Red Oryx Breeding Herd

Purchased from Valley Ventures and originally from the well-known Namibian bloodlines.

This breeding project complements our existing Oryx breeding projects. Accordingly, Hillcrest now boast the full species varieties of Oryx genetics.

The breeding objectives are to produce pure-bred Red Oryx from this small group of Namibian animals.

To achieve this, we employ the use of our 40” base cows to add horn length and weather-adaptability to the North West province.

Painted Oryx (Skilder Gemsbok) Breeding Herd

We have imported an exciting and beautiful group of Painted Oryx from Namibia.

Picasso, with striking colours, is our young breeding bull.

All the base females currently being covered by Picasso have +40” horns.

Common Oryx (Gemsbok) Breeding Herd

Our breeding bull is 42,5”.

All females in this group have +40” horns

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