buffalo breeding project - Kruger & East Africa

In the buffalo breeding program, the primary bloodlines include Kruger buffalo located at Hillcrest Game Estates in Wolmaransstad, as well as East Africa (non-Kruger) buffalo.



During 2018, Haka , from Chimoyo Wildlife, replaced Majuba, another top proven bull of exceptional quality.

Haka’s pedigree speaks for itself. He is the brother of Vincimus (measuring 46” at 4 years of age). His mother, Red 26, measured 35” at 8 years of age. Haka measured 46” at the age of 4.5 years, placing him in the top 10% of the category-specific WS2 rankings and no.7 in the overall WS2 rankings. Haka’s mother, Red 26, was also bought from Chimoyo Wildlife.


Boteti (48”)  with Sci 128 bull at 5 years and 7 months, was bought from Nyambu Wildlife. This bull will only be at Hillcrest Game Estates towards the end of 2020. He is the son of Tyson (53″) and the brother of Lebombo (51″+).

hillcrest game estate buffalo

Top female buffaloes (most Top 10%) acquired during 2017 include:

Dr Paul Lubout facilitates Hillcrest Game Estates’ purchases of an assortment of female animals. Strict selection criteria are met so as to ensure the highest fertility rates. We closely monitor cows’ ages at time of first calf, last calf as well as calving intervals. We also pay careful attention to comparative performance analysis based on horn measurements of progeny – proven.

Selection criteria for purchasing female animals - See Red 26’s performance

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