blesbuck breeding project - saddleback & yellow blesbuck

breeding objectives

Saddleback Blesbuck breeding herd

In August 2016, this herd was purchased and proudly boasts the magnificent ram, Impi (15¼), who was 2½ years old at the time.

With perfect colours, Impi is the ultimate breeding ram.

Our first pure saddleback lambs were born at Hillcrest during 2017 with the next crop due in the next few months.

Pic SBBlesbuck
Pic YBlesbuck 1

Yellow Blesbuck breeding herd

Our breeding ram, Buks (16 5/8″), is a Rowland Ward ram with prominent yellow colours.

We have introduced a younger breeding ram called Buksie.

Buksie will be used as our breeding ram in 2018.

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