Hillcrest Game Estates forms part of a large farming enterprise located on the outskirts of Wolmaransstad, situated in the North West Province.

In order to provide fellow breeders with the most sought after progeny, our mission is to breed outstanding quality animals using the best genetics possible.

The expansive farm of predominantly savannah grasslands is home to a large variety of game species located in various breeding camps. Only the best animals are carefully selected for breeding.

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John & Louise Firth

Game breeding began in 2014 after buying the best possible breeding stock from expert breeders in the game industry, with the helpful advice of Franco Joubert. Since inception, exceptional animals have been acquired which form the basis of the herd building program.

Animals which are not selected for breeding roam freely on our ethically responsible hunting farm. Only the ethically responsible hunting market is granted well-controlled access to our hunting farm, and only animals that have reached maturity are allowed to be hunted. This hunting is confined to a separate large open conservation area where strict measures to control our ethically responsible hunting protocols and internationally recognised best-practices are enforced. Hillcrest Game Estates prides itself in its strong opposition to ‘canned hunting’ and other unethical hunting practices.

We endeavour to achieve an economically sustainable game farm with healthy animals of the best genetic material in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Therefore, we are associated with various industry specialists such as Dr Cizelle Naudé (BSc. BVSc) of Bloemhof Dierekliniek, Dr Paul Lubout (DSc. Agric), who is prominent and specialist genetic advisor,  and Pieter Nel (PriSc Nat – Wildserv). Good relations have built a winning team with a common purpose.

We continue to be involved in and support our local game breeding sector.

John LG Firth is the proud fourth-generation Firth family-member owner, with Dr Ian Firth (third-generation) and Pieter Botma as partners.

Firth Group

Firth Group consists of five farming devisions, Hillcrest Game Estates being one of them. The other four are Firth Red Brangus, Firth Wagyu, Highlands Cycads and Maquassi Spruit Peacan Nuts.

We believe that South African farmers ought to remain encouraged by believing that all will not be lost in the post Covid-19 era. At the Firth Group, we remain curious and courageous for what’s to come. We see Covid-19, not as a stumbling block, but as a stepping-stone towards innovation and cooperation. As farmers, we need to address the challenges and disruptions of our time, in fresh ways.

The Firth Way encapsulates the way in which we—the Firth Group—strive towards our vision and mission. Our employees easily remember the 5 operational principles of The Firth Way with the easy-to-remember PPTPP acronym: Profit, People, Technology, Planet, Partnerships.

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