Superior Progeny Through Prime Genetics

Hillcrest Game Estates forms part of the larger Firth Group farming enterprise. Hillcrest's primary operations are located on the outskirts of Wolmaransstad, situated in the North West Province and the Boland in the Western Cape.

Our Philosophy

We are actively involved in the game breeding industry and make sure that we breed responsibly and scientifically. This ensures that we have superior genetics. We fully support the ‘green economy’ and our farming operations are socially responsible and compliant. We proudly tell others about our top-class and dedicated management team. We are wholeheartedly committed to ethical business practices, honesty with our clients and development of the broader game-industry at large.

Green economy

At Hillcrest Game Estates we aim to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities by implementing an integrated strategy for an economically sustainable farming unit. This approach is best-proven to preserve the natural environment, whilst also uplifting disadvantaged local communities within the Wolmaransstad region. 

Breeding projects

Hillcrest Game Estates boasts a diversity of top class animals, with 11 Breeding projects which cover 20 different species. Animals which are not selected for breeding roam freely on our ethically responsible hunting farm. Only the ethically responsible hunting market is granted well-controlled access to our hunting farm, and only animals that have reached maturity are allowed to be hunted.

What we do

Hillcrest Game Estates forms part of a large farming enterprise located on the outskirts of Wolmaransstad, situated in the North West Province. We endeavor to achieve an economically sustainable game farm with healthy animals of the best genetic material in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are therefore associated with various specialists in the industry.

Hillcrest Game Estates is a proud member of:

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